5 Tricks To Make Your Dark Circles Disappear

Dark circles aren’t a cause for not enough sleep and their appearance can have multiple reasons. Because you always want to look rested and fresh, you must resort to some tricks. See what you can do:

Sleep with your head above your body
Sleep on a big pillow – or two smaller ones – in order that your head to be higher than the rest of the body. In this way you stop bags under the eyes appearance or their formation during the night. In the morning you’ll wake up with no swollen eyes.

Enlighten your eyes
In order to look rested, your makeup should be bright. You can use a light-colored pencil – maybe even a little glitter – on the lower eyelid to the outer corner of the eye.

Hydrate eye area
If you are going to use a concealer or foundation, before you go to sleep use a moisturizer on the area under the eyes.

Color matching
Concealer’s color you use it’s very important – it should be a shade lighter than your foundation, because dark circles are darker than the rest of the face. You can choose a stick concealer and its base color should be vivid green or orange, in order to hide dark circles.

Anti-dark circles caffeine
In the morning, put two tea bags (green or black) in boiling water for one minute, then cool them in ice bath in order to use them on your skin. Apply them to your eyes and let them act for 15 minutes.

Image Credits: VisiHow

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