5 things you shouldn’t do after dyeing your hair

Dyed hair needs special care in order to keep the beautiful color longer but also because it becomes more sensitive. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do after dyeing your hair.

Stop washing your hair daily
If you want to preserve the color as long as possible, you should wash your hair less because with each wash you take little by little from its color. Also, you need avoid swimming pool in order to preserve the color as long as possible. Wear a diving helmet when entering the water.

Don’t use the same products after you dye
Dyed hair needs special products, so buy shampoo, conditioner, mask and protective sprays especially made for dyed hair. Because heat affects your hair color, wear hats or caps during summer.

Don’t make radical changes at home
If you’re tired of dark colors and you want to go blonde, don’t make this change at home, because you have 99% chance to fail.

Use less heat
It’s important to use protective sprays against heat before you use the hair drier. Besides, try using temperatures as low as possible so you can preserve the color as long as possible.

Don’t expect to get the same color every time
Even if you go to the salon or you dye at home, there are chances you’ll miss the same color shade as before. Moreover, don’t dye the entire hair every time, just dye the roots if you managed to achieve the desired color.

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