How to get rid of muscle soreness fast (6 tricks)

Exercise often causes fever muscle, especially for people without training. The result is discomfort caused by pain, improper body movements and lack of strength.

Many people expect the fever to go away by itself, which can take between 3 and 7 days, and they use special ointments for muscle pain (BenGay, Fastum Gel, Voltaren or Finalgon). But there are some tricks that can make your life easier.

1. Liquid consumption. Improper hydration is one of the main inefficient muscle contraction causes. Thus, it’s advisable consuming plenty of fluids before, during and after training.

2. In addition to liquids, you need to consume carbs and protein. Nutritional supplements and antioxidants are also useful, and Vitamin C helps rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

3. Physical effort. It’s indicated that despite cramps and fever to exercise at a lower intensity. Light aerobic exercise increase blood circulation and help reduce muscle pain.

4. Adding a handful of coarse salt in a warm water bath will always help relax the muscles.

5. Aspirin is also a good cure for muscular fever. Take it before doing exercise. It has anticoagulant effect and blocks pain receptors. Subsequently administered, it helps reduce pain, but doesn’t speed the recovery of the affected muscle tissue.

6. A gently massage on the affected area can also be useful. It stimulates neutrophils that fight inflammation and reduce pain.

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