How to choose the proper hairstyle if you have a round face

A round face has a length and width of about the same size. Forehead hairline is usually wide, protruding cheeks, chin isn’t pronounced and neck seems to be short.

When you’re searching for the right hairstyle, besides your face shape, you need taking into account the length of your hair, weight, age and your lifestyle, too.

• If you want bangs, choose a spinning one, because the straight one make your face look rounder.

• Generally, you should choose hairstyles that add length or height to your face.

• Avoid placing loops next to the cheeks.


Right – The haircut that adds height to your face and makes it look elongated.
Wrong – Avoid loops or hair typing.

Average haircut

Right – Avoid hairstyles with bangs and let your forehead free and creates the illusion of an elongated face.
Wrong – Avoid bangs because you’ll shrink your face and you’ll accentuate their roundness.

Long hairstyles

Right – Hair straightening is something just right, because it gives you a slim appearance.
Wrong – Bangs should be avoided if possible.

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